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Home Show Season: How to Find a Spray Foam Contractor

Home Show Season: How to Find a Spray Foam Contractor

Like every year, mid-winter brings a flurry of Home Shows across the Mid-West.  Prospective buyers and people looking to beat cabin fever walk the isles restlessly. We here at KC Spray Foam are seasoned Home Show Exhibitors – in fact there have been times where we have participated in 8-10 home shows a year!


Back in 2006 when we first started as spray foam contractors in Iowa, we were the only spray foam company at the home shows. The times have definitely changed. Now it is not uncommon to have more than half a dozen booths in a show claiming to be “experienced” in spray foam insulation.

We thought we would give you some advice on what to look for when you are browsing the isles this year.

Home Shows 101

I hate to say it, but first looks can sure help you in dwindling down your options at the home show. Don’t be afraid to judge a book by its cover! Ask yourself: does this contractor have a professional booth set up? Or do they have a card table with some folding chairs and a poster board backdrop with his name written in Sharpie? A contractor who is professional will invest several thousands of dollars in their booth setup because they know they are in it for the long haul.

Are the salespeople professionally dressed with a company logoed shirt? Or are they in a t-shirt with dirty jeans? How they present themselves may be a good indication of how they are going to treat you and your project.

Do they have samples of spray foam in both open and closed cell? Are their samples from their manufacturer where they buy it or are they sprayed by the company itself? Our samples have always been ones we have sprayed – if they are relying on someone else to spray samples they may not have the knowledge, skills, or equipment to produce good quality spray foam.

Are their brochures printed professionally with good information or simple folded copy machine print-offs? Asking questions is always good – and I’m not just referring to what spray foam costs per square foot.

Questions to Ask

How long have they been in business?

How long have they been actually spraying foam insulation? (There is an important distinction between being in the insulation business and spraying foam.)

What kind of training or certification have they underwent?

How many people in their company have completed the training or certification?

How long have their employees worked for their company?

Can they provide proof of insurance?

What General Contractors have they completed work for?

Do they do the work themselves or do they hire it out to another contractor?

Do they have their own equipment?

How old is their equipment?

Their responses to these questions and many others will start to give you a good idea as to the character of the people working for the company and what kind of work you can expect from them. We have all heard or read about the horror stories of bad contractors: now it is time to weed them out.

Do your homework and save yourself some headaches when choosing a spray foam contractor for your upcoming project. We will see you at the shows, ready to answer your questions and serve as your professionally-trained spray foam contractor. Or contact us directly!

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