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Why You Should Insulate Your Crawlspace

Should I Insulate My Crawlspace?

Your crawlspace is probably not an area of your home that you pay much attention to. You may only even venture down there once a year to retrieve your Christmas decorations. So the question is, why would you insulate such an unused and seemingly unimportant part of your home?

Simply put, the answer is yes, you definitely should insulate your crawlspace. The main reason is that your crawlspace loses a tremendous amount of heat which in turn costs you a tremendous amount of money. Since heat energy moves from higher to lower temperatures, (and increasingly faster at greater temperature differences), the heat from your living area will likely move down into the crawlspace and then quickly move through your concrete or brick foundation into the colder air outside. If your crawlspace is contained by a concrete foundation, you're in even worse shape since concrete has almost no insulation capacity. Kansas City Insulation in Garage CeilingAnother concern you should have for your crawlspace is moisture. There are many things that can contribute to a wet crawlspace, including: poor exterior drainage, plumbing leaks, and expansive soil. If you have a dirt floor in your crawlspace, it can evaporate a ton of water into your home, causing high humidity and potential water damage. Not only will water damage ruin your personal belongings, but it can cause mold and mildew to grow, and damage the load bearing structures of your home.An uninsulated crawlspace can become so cold that condensation can arise, causing even more moisture problems. Also, your water pipes, furnaces, and duct work can be easily affected by cold weather, and these are definitely things that you don't want to damage.

Choose KC Spray Foam to Insulate Your Crawlspace

The experts at Kansas City Spray Foam & Coatings highly suggest that you insulate your crawlspace. Insulation will help you save money by reducing energy costs, and keep a clean and healthy crawlspace for years to come. We will install a 6mil plastic on the ground and spray the exterior walls, sealing the plastic up to the bottom of the floor. For this type of insulation, we recommend closed cell spray foam because it will not be affected by moisture.

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