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Attic Insulation Kansas City: How Proper Insulation Can Prevent Ice Damming

Protect your Home with Attic Insulation in Kansas City.

It has been a bitter winter in Kansas City. Over the past few months we have experienced some significant storms that brought snow, ice and record-low temperatures to the metro. Aside from this weather being unpleasant, it can also cause serious damage to your home. And poor attic insulation can be a leading cause. Consider attic insulation in Kansas City.

During recent storms it’s likely you or someone you know experienced problems as a result of ice dams – a common roof performance problem with heavy snowfall. Ice dams are the result of meltwater from further up a roof that re-freezes lower on the roof. As noted by Building Science Corporation, “the ‘dam’ created by the ridge of ice along the eaves can trap further meltwater and result in significant leakage under and through the roofing, especially shingles and metal roofing.” This can damage your home’s sheathing, roof structure, ceiling and walls below.

This short video provides a great illustration of how the dams are formed and how they can cause problems for homeowners:

Insufficient Roof Insulation Kansas City

Insufficient insulation between your heated space and roof sheathing allows too much heat to flow to the roof. Snow also provides a layer of insulation, raising the roof’s temperature. When snow is melting and not freezing rapidly, dams are formed.

Attic Insulation Kansas City

Ice dams can be caused by poor roof insulation with fiberglass or cellulose. Warm moist air escapes into the attic and hits the cold underside of the roof and warms it up and melts the snow. Then at night the roof cools off and refreezes the snow creating ice.

These dams can also damage gutters and shingles, as well as cause leaks in your home. If you have fiberglass or cellulose attic insulation, this can also spell trouble as wet insulation loses R-value and can become a growing ground for mold and/or mildew.

Check Your Attic Insulation Kansas City

Unfortunately, spring is a prime time for ice dams in the Kansas City area, as temperatures fluctuate. If you experience issues as a result of ice damming, it’s a good idea to contact a professional roofing company to help with repairs. But going forward, ensuring you have the right attic insulation can help prevent future issues. Spray foam insulation is one way to ensure your attic is properly insulated for all seasons.

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